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Croisière Caraïbes
Fevrier 2019 - Départ Miami

La fameuse croisière cacher aux Caraibes. Avec des déstinations de rêves: Miami, Iles Caymans , Mexique.
Sous le contrôle du Rav Binyamin Tsarfati d'anvers
Croisière Alaska
Aout 2018 - Départ Seattle

Découvrez L'Alaska et ses glaciers en cacher, au programme: le nord des états unis, le Canada et l'Alaska a bord du très luxueux bateau Hollande América ( Glatt cacher )

Croisière Méditerranée
Aout 2018 - Départ Marseille

Partez à la découverte de la Méditerranée en passant par Barcelone, Palma de Majorque, Rome etc.. Glatt cacher
Sous le contrôle du Rav Binyamin Tsarfati d'anvers
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Opt for a kosher cruise: an unforgettable experience!

Do not think of seasickness! The kosher cruises on Costa will make you forget that you are on a boat. You are in a city on the sea, each bridge with its charm, its bars, its pianos bars, its lifts, its auditorium, its restaurants without forgetting the last bridge with its swimming pools, its jacuzzi, its spa, its room of sport, its hair salon, its kids' club, its photo studio, its terraces with a breathtaking view of the ocean.

Your day cruising kosher

Every day on the boat will be different, a diary will be provided every morning with the program of the day, we never get bored on the cruise! Med club-style entertainers at the pool for the day at sea. For days with stopover you will discover every day a new country. Visit the Caribbean, Bahamas, Jamaica, Mexico and small paradise islands.

The month of February for the Caribbean is a sunny period. The cruises are different holidays, a real experience, 10 days on a boat remain an excellent memory, photos with beautiful landscapes, your children will be delighted. Departures for the Caribbean depart from the port of Miami, you can stay a few days and enjoy the city and its tourist sites.

Glatt kosher under the control of Rav Binyamin Tsafati of Antwerp

When it comes to catering it will be a gourmet cuisine every day, 4 meals a day, glatt kosher under the supervision of Rav Binyamin Tsarfati from Antwerp with machguirim in the kitchens at every meal. In the evening it will be à la carte, a real treat (held required).

In general when we finish a cruise (hide) we only want to go back, ask around you is the feeling we have when we set foot on the ground after returning from a cruise .

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